Simple Adaptive Synergetic Control Scheme Based on The MIT Rule of the DC Motor


  •   Salomé Ndjakomo Essiane

  •   Jacquie Thérèse Bissé

  •   Mathieu Jean Pierre Pesdjock


An adaptive synergetic control scheme of a DC motor via a DC-DC converter is presented in this article. The difficulty in implementing a synergetic control lies in the optimal choice of the control parameters. This operation becomes tedious when the number of closed loops in the control system is large. Several adaptive parameter methods are exposed in the literature, some of which are complex and others simple. A synergetic control parameter adaptation law is almost unexplored in the scientific literature. The proposed solution is an adaptation mechanism of the synergetic control parameter using the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) rule. A theoretical study carried out made it possible to highlight a law of adjustment of the current and the speed, the variation of which verifies the negative direction of the gradient of the defined cost function. Computer simulations in Matlab/Simulink show good controller performance in improving transient stability and settling time. In addition, synergetic control is an interesting tool for speed and current control of DC motor.


Keywords: Adaptive law, DC motor, MIT rule, Synergetic control


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