The Basic Nature of Intermolecular Attraction Forces Newtonian Gravitation Shown by Deriving ‘Diffusion’


  •   Satyavarapu Naga Parameswara Gupta

  •   Kiron Koti Shesha Manikya Satyavarapu

  •   Satyavarapu Subba Vamsi Krishna


Here in this paper, we show that the basic reason for this diffusion is the intermolecular attraction forces due to Newtonian gravitational attraction forces acting in a combined way which are the vectorial sum of all the attraction forces acting on molecules as defined as SITA forces Multi Molecule Theory. Some pairs of molecules hit each other and bounce like rubber balls and diffuse because of these SITA forces. Here some of the molecules are going to higher distances from the hitting centers. Earlier we formulated and showed the three states of matter in a similar way. Here we took a Nano-drop-let of contaminated water as a container. We are calculating intermolecular attraction forces between molecules and finding the movements of molecules as a result of the attraction by all the other molecules at the molecular level.

Keywords: Diffusion, Dynamic Universe Model, Hydrodynamics, Newtonian Gravitation, Molecular Data, Multi Molecular Theory, SITA Simulations.


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Gupta, S. N. P., Satyavarapu, K. K. S. M., & Krishna, S. S. V. (2023). The Basic Nature of Intermolecular Attraction Forces Newtonian Gravitation Shown by Deriving ‘Diffusion’. European Journal of Applied Physics, 5(1), 1–7.