Inerton Communication: Future of Wireless


  •   Volodymyr Krasnoholovets


A wireless communication based not on the electromagnetic field, but on a massotension field is discussed. Currently radio communication is based on the electromagnetic field whose carriers are photons. A re-examination of quantum mechanics indicates that a particle’s wave \psi-function, i.e. the matter waves, is projected to real physical space as the particle wrapped in a cloud of spatial excitations that carry fragments of mass. These fragments can be interpreted as carriers of the force of inertia and hence it is reasonable to term them ‘inertons’. Inertons carry mass properties of the particle and provide for a short-range action between material objects, which is beyond the quantum mechanical formalism, though allows a detailed study in the framework of the submicroscopic mechanics developed in real space by the author. Since a receiver of inertons has already been deigned, arguments are presented that a transmitter of inertons can also be designed with relative ease, which will initiate the era of inerton communication.

Keywords: photon, inerton, inerton field, inerton communication.


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