Ultrabroadband Rectangular Double Split Ring Based Perfect Solar Absorber


  •   Sara Telha

  •   Abella Bouaaddi

  •   Younes Achaoui

  •   Hicham Jakjoud


Metasurfaces could be very beneficial when elaborating solar cells to succeed in balancing between cost and efficiency. Thus, thin absorbers achieving high performance are attainable with the possibility to use any material. In this work, a perfect absorber based on a tungsten (W) metal-insulator-metal (MIM) metasurface is proposed. The MIM array consists of a rectangular double split ring resonator (RD-SRR) pattern with a specific set of parametric values that maximize the structure’s absorption. The study results in an ultrabroadband absorption over a minimum value of 97.02% and reaching a high peak of 99.9%. Its integrated absorption over the entire spectral solar at AM1.5 is 99.6%. This absorber fulfills efficiently solar devices’ requirements including the ability to work under high temperature conditions afforded by the use of tungsten.

Keywords: Metasurface, Perfect absorber, Solar light, Ultrabroadband absorption


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