Understanding Precipitate Growth Kinetics at Ultra-High Hydrostatic Pressures


  •   Siyua Cao

  •   Naveen Weerasekera

  •   Dawa Ram Shingdan

  •   Ahmed Ijaz Abdulla


In this work, we have studied the precipitate growth behavior of a metal matrix when subjected to hydrostatic pressure. We utilized Zenner-Frank phase field kinetics with integrated free energy density functional based on volumetric strain energy. We studied the precipitate growth up to 2 GPa under varying bulk modulus of the precipitate phase. We observed that subjecting to hydrostatic pressure influences the growth kinetics by reducing the precipitate growth under time evolution. In addition, the bulk modulus of the precipitate has shown an abnormality in the growth behavior compared to general observations under hydrostatic pressure. This work contributes to the smart tailoring of novel materials to reduce detrimental impacts on holistic material properties, used in large hydrostatic pressure applications.

Keywords: Free Energy Density Functionals, Phase Field Modeling, Precipitate Growth, Microstructure Evolution, Zenner-Frank Kinetics


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Cao, S., Weerasekera, N., Shingdan, D. R., & Abdulla, A. I. (2022). Understanding Precipitate Growth Kinetics at Ultra-High Hydrostatic Pressures. European Journal of Applied Physics, 4(3), 3–14. https://doi.org/10.24018/ejphysics.2022.4.3.169